Ponder This….

Few days back i got a email from my friend ananya which really shocked me..I couldnt believe the goverment to be doing this.. read on

A friend of mine is from Kashmir. He and his family survived those dark days. He was there when the muslims threw out the Hindus. He has some appalling tales to tell. One of the worst is how when the young muslim boys came back to the valley after their “training”, their first assignment was to go and murder any and all of their best Hindu friends and their families. Kill the friends you played with when you were young. Kill the ones at whose house you ate happy lunches or dinners. If you have a Hindu best friend, kill him first. All this in Allah’s name.

The horrific thing is that these muslim kids did it. And became monsters. Terrorists. Who have since then inflicted immeasurable pain and suffering on their non muslim brethren. Not just in Kashmir, but all over India, possibly all around the world.

They threw out the Kashmiri Pundits from the valley, from their homes and possibly only here, in the entire world, we have scores of thousands of innocent people who are refugees in their own country, now for almost 20 years!

This is what a jihadi madressa education is capable of.

One would feel that the governments in power would take steps to curb this menace. To protect the security of its citizens should really be one of the highest priorities of any government. But in the name of vote bank politics, this present government has done almost everything other than giving Bharath Ratnas to these terrorists to encourage them.

Even in Pakistan, madressas are being shut down. Our present government has granted CBSE status to madressas! This means that a person studying there will be eligible for a government job. This will ensure that we dont just have corrupt thugs ruling us, we will have well trained jihadi terrorists in the parliament AND the bureaucracy!

The government last year gave out over 20 lakh scholarships. Every single one of them to minorities. In India, of late, it has become an utter disadvantage to be born in the majority community.

The latest that I heard was that this government is going to be giving out aid to the tune of lakhs of rupees to the families of Kashmiri terrorists who were killed. They say they are being “humane”!! Not for the families of the army people who were killed… not for the families of the kashmiris who were massacared…

And this is our money folks. The same money we paid as taxes to the government. It is sickening to know that the tax I pay is used to foster this malignancy in our beautiful country.

This has to stop. Before India becomes the new Saudi of the planet. And any government that takes decisions like these, needs to be kicked out of power. I don’t think even resilient India will ever be able to recover if the present government comes back to power this year.

This year, every responsible citizen of this country needs to get out there and vote. And vote for change.

Robin Williams had once said, politicians are like diapers, they both need to be changed and usually for the same reasons. But looking at most of the people who are ruling us right now, i wonder if these guys are like diapers which need changing or are they more like the stuff that needs the diaper to be changed in the first place!

So, who should we be voting for this year? Well, the lotus is our national flower!

Jai Gurudev!


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