True Reality…


It has been more than 60 years that our great nation has got independence from the tyrannical British rule. It had been a very long struggle, lots of blood was spilt, many, many tears shed. At least one disastrous decision made…

Unfortunately our political leaders have over the past decade especially been making ever more pathetic decisions, not thinking for the country or its peoples for even a moment, only for themselves, and their mad race to come to power or remain in power…

Today I am going to talk about just one issue, the policy of reservations based on Caste especially in educational institutions. I am a product of IIT Bombay. I got in there on merit, and got out of there on Grace (but that’s another story ). By any standards, its a tough, grueling, competitive course… The best of the best of the best pit their intellect and the big problem is that someone will come last, get a D, or even an F.

This is possibly the first time in their entire educational career, that any of these students have got anything less than top grades. When you add to this equation the raging hormones, things can get truly comic or tragic depending on your point of view…
A Lot of them cannot handle it, and take to boozing, smoking or drugs.

Or they get unduly violent or utterly depressed. And every year some student will take the drastic step of committing suicide… Leaving behind a wake of guilt, remorse and anger in his friends… But, there is also the solace that everyone finds in each other, coz they all realize they are all sailing in very much the same boat, and lifelong friendships are forged here… And it is these that keep you going, these that truly support you in your down time…

In passing, please realize that I am not criticizing the IIT system here… It is how it is and anyone walking into an IIT has already gone through super tough competition just to get there… I would add here that inspite of all this, I wouldn’t swap my years in IIT for anything, that this was where I truly blossomed, and came into my own… Of course this was largely helped along by the Wisdom and techniques of the Art of Living courses I had taken.

Now, I hear that IITs will have reservations for students of the minorities. We have to give them a chance to better education, blah de blah… Now please place yourself in the shoes of some student from the minority community who has got into IIT, not on merit, but because he was born into a particular family.

He is not the most intelligent person on the campus, otherwise he would be there on merit. So, here is a kid, utterly innocent feeling great that he is in IIT… This feeling I guarantee will last a week not more. Before the reality of the competition he faces there hits him. At this point he realizes, there is simply no way he will be able to cope. A person who has not got in there on merit cannot hope to compete with the best brains in the country.

Now, this very same person, do you think he is going to have friends there? He will be looked down on, shunned even… Where will he go and who will he turn to? What face will he have to show his parents back home? Those years will leave him scarred and angry for life! Is this really the golden chance our dear government want to bestow on these kids?!

What about Reservations in medical colleges? Becoming a doctor is extremely tough work! It’s a hideously difficult course… A person who has studied in the vernacular medium has almost no chance. Yet there he is plopped in because of the reservation. There is talk that these kids will need a lesser qualifying percentage to pass than those who got in on merit… Would anyone actually go to a doctor like that? Would any of our political leaders even allow themselves to be examined by a doctor from a minority?!

Recently I even heard of a ludicrous bill that would ensure that 50% of the professors in IIT would have to be from the minority or backward classes… To teach in IIT you need a Ph.d! Would you still consider a person holding a Ph.d backward?!! Or would you relax that rule too and say that if that person is from a minority community, he should be allowed to teach in IIT with just 50% marks in SSC?! (if some politician is reading this, its not an idea, its sarcasm and a joke!)

Even given the present system, there are questions that pop up… Which all politicians have just calmly swept under the carpet… Here is a fundamental question… Is the policy of reservation for poor people? To improve their lot? Or for something else?!

What if a person who is from a minority community is actually from a very rich family? Should they also be eligible for the reservation quota? How about a child from the majority community (say the son of a coolie or a rickshaw puller) who from an extremely poor family? Should he be eligible to apply for that reserved quota seat?

Finally, how about the places where Hindus are a minority, like Nagaland, Mizoram or Kashmir? Would the children of the “minority” community there be eligible for reservation quotas?!

No satisfactory answer is forthcoming… Other than, if we do this the minorities will vote for us! Who cares if their children commit suicide?! Who cares that by doing this they are not empowered?! Who cares that these minorities inspite of all reservations will continue to be in their state of pathetic existence?!

Who cares that we may have deprived thousands of deserving children of quality education simply because they had the misfortune of being born in the majority community?! For me to get the vote all they need is to appeased!

One of the main reasons why politicians do this and can get away with it… Is that the majority community DOESN’T VOTE!!!

This year get out there and VOTE! Your voice counts… And when you do vote, vote out the present Government… As Robin Williams once said: Politicians are like diapers, both need to be changed and usually for the same reason!

Inconvenient Questions

Today’s post is about our money, the money all of us cough up as tax and are threatened with dire consequences if we don’t pay on time, etc, etc… The money that the government is supposed to be using for the welfare of the people… Well, here is what they do with it…

Remember the Mumbai train blasts? Well, around that time India gave financial aid to Pakistan for earthquake relief… Rs 150 crores of it! Oh, you guys came and blew up our trains… Thanks a lot, we needed new ones anyways! Here is some money for your efforts! We have soooo much money, we really don’t know what to do with it! Using it for education or slum rehab, really didn’t cross our minds at all…

Rs 3000 crores to Afghanistan! for infrastructure development… and i quote from the website: “In this case, India is providing three million dollars worth of gear. This includes 150 bullet-proof watch towers, 2,500 protective vests, and a lot of mine clearing equipment. So far, India has donated $700 million worth of good and services to Afghanistan, mostly for economic reconstruction.” (Here is the link). Bullet proof watch towers and protective vests are economic reconstruction?!

Back in 1991, when i was studying at IIT B, my semester fees were Rs 20! Yup, you heard it right… Then the government started withdrawing financial aid to the IITs and today the semester fees in IIT is to the tune of Rs 20,000!! Forget about IIT, the absolutely pathetic state of the educational infrastructure of all government run institutions hits you right in the face! That’s one of the reasons they have reservation maybe, to cover up their absolute inability to impart any semblance of basic education to the children of our country.

Now while education systems are in doldrums, our government gives out money to Harvard and Cambridge universities!! And says stuff like we were not sure that they would accept the money, we are so grateful that they did!! How much money? To the tune of Rs 50 crores!! (You can read more about this here)

In the passing they handed out scholarships to more than 25 lakh students in India… ALL minorities! While Pakistan and some other islamic nations are closing down their madressas, there is talk of granting CBSE status to Islamic madressas in India, which means that people graduating with an almost jihadi “education” now could apply for government jobs! Which will mean that we won’t just have criminals in the bureaucracy and ruling us, we will have terrorists! Jai ho!

Some time ago, there was a case in Guwahati High Court. A Pakistani infiltrated into Assam via Bangladesh and got included in the voters list after obtaining a ration card by paying bribe to the local officials. After that, he contested in and won the Assembly election on 1996!! In its judgment, the Guwahati High Court expressed deep anguish and said that only in Assam foreigners could come to power and even make the native people minorities.

Our current Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has been elected to Rajya Sabha for the past eighteen years from Assam… either as an MP or as the PM. And amazingly he has never spoken a word about the illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis which challenges the population structure in seven districts of that State. Maybe they are the guys that vote him in?!

Do you know what 1 Crore looks like? i mean just how many zeroes it has?

Now there is some boring governmentese that i have to cut and paste here… got this from the Comptroller & Auditor Generals report, an official government agency, chapter 2

Section 2.2 Unascertainable unspent balances in the accounts of Implementing agencies (excerpted and abridged)

For the year 2007-08 , the Union Govt made a provision for transfer of central plan assistance of Rs 51259.85 crore directly to state/district level autonomous bodies,authorities societies etc for implementation of centrally sponsored schemes. These have not been spent fully by the implementing agencies and lie unspent in their accounts.

The aggregate amount of unspent balances in the accounts of the implementing agencies kept outside Govt accounts is not readily ascertainable. The Govt expenditure as reflected in the accounts to that extent is therefore overstated.

Section 2.3. Opaqueness in Govt accounts

Scrutiny of Union Govt Finance accounts 2007-08 disclosed the Rs 20273.52 crore under 28 major heads of accounts was classified under minor head ‘800-other expenditure’ in the accounts constituting more than 50 % of the total expenditure under respective major heads.
This indicates a high degree of opaqueness in the accounts , the report says. It also says that the existing structure of the Govt accounts does not truly reflect the current activities of the the Govt in these Ministries /Depts.

Section 2.4 Understatement of Balances under Universal Service Obligation Fund

The USO fund was set up in April 2002 for achieving universal service objectives of increasing tele density in rural and remote areas. The resources for this are raised through universal access levy which is payable by all telecom operators under various licenses

A total Universal service levy of Rs 20404.44 crore was collected during 2002-03 to 2007-08 by the DoT but a disbursement of only Rs 6371.44 crore was made from the USO fund. Thus the closing balance of the fund on 31st March 2008 should be Rs 14099 crore as against the NIL balance shown under that head! The report says that “closing balance of the USO fund as on 31st March 2008 was therefore understated by Rs 14033 crore ”

The report also says that this matter was presented to the parliament but no action has been taken.

Section 2.5 Overstatement of capital expenditure

The Govt transferred Rs 6500 crore in 2006-07 and Rs 6000 crore in 2007-08 to the Social and Infrastructure Development fund (SIDF) for initiatives like upgradation of industrial training institutes, training of farmers etc. Thus entire amount was booked as capital expenditure in the accounts of these 2 years.

The report says that examination of the expenditure of Rs 3447.75 crore incurred during 2007-08 disclosed that Rs 1586.75 crore was of revenue nature.
It says that capital expenditure in the Consolidated Fund of India 2006-07 was thus overstated to the extent of at least Rs 1586.75 crore. For 2007-08 capital expenditure of Rs 6000 crore is overstated.

… and so on …

In English (and i hope i understood all that legalese right) this means that Rs 51259.85 crores + Rs 20273.52 crores + Rs 14033 crores + Rs 1586.75 crores = Rs 87153.12 crores is simply missing! and this is just for the years 2007-09! Over the years, how much of our money has been stolen from us?!
The Rs 871531200000 is just not there.

This is OUR money folks. What we paid this government as tax! Where have they put it?! There is simply no answer forthcoming!

Just to put it in perspective, 871531200000 seconds = 27,617 years!! or 871531200000 cms = 11 trips to the moon and back!!!

Amazingly, this report is on a government website, and no one has talked about it! Not the present government (ofcourse!), not the media, not anyone!


Vote for change… please!!!!!!!

Jai Gurudeva!


This post was originally posted by Bau in his blog


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