Rendezvous With Times!

I had an interview today in Times Of India. Inspite of this being my 7th interview i was nervous. The interview was scheduled at 11 o’clock. I reached the Times office by 10:30 and was greeted by the security outside the reception counter. I explained to him my purpose of visit and he asked me to wait in the reception. To my suprise when i entered the office, i felt at ease. The enviorment was formal yet friendly. Soon other candidates joined me in the reception who like me had come for the interview. Our interview was to be taken by Mr. Amit Dutta. When my turn came for the interview, i felt butterflies in my stomach! Β I controlled myself and walked into a room where Amit and a lady were waiting for me. After glancing through my cv, amit came across my hobbies and asked me to describe music production.. Man was i happy!..Atlast someone took notice of my hobbies! I told him about my radio station and and the different genres of music i use to host..He then asked me about blogging and also checked my blog, and asked me questions pertaining to my skills and why i wanted to join Times and not my family business. After about 10 minutes, he thanked me and said that he would let my agency know of the result. To be frank guys, this was the best interview i have given so far and amit was by far the coolest interviewer i had come across. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Keep Smiling!


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