Life…After Shivratri

Attending Shivratri with Guruji in Kolkata was an experience of a lifetime! I had experiences which are hard to put down in words. Life post shivratri has not been the same. Work @ office does not seem like work anymore, plus my colleague has turned over a new leaf. But the best part was spending time with my friends cum group, without whom life would be a dead leaf. Tushar bhaiya, who had come down from ashram to help us in organizing YES+ was a pleasure to work with. His one liners and especially “Khopche” was a hit among  our group! He was having laptop problems, and had given his lappy to me to have it fixed. I formatted it and installed Win 7, as he was impressed with it while working on my desktop. He smiled his naughty babyish smile, when he realized what i had done with his laptop. Sagar, Vishal, Mahesh and Sourav never lost a oppurtunity to pull his leg! Currently he’s on his way to Allahabad! It was a beautiful and learning experience to work with him. Catch you later!

Have a nice sunday!

Jai Gurudev!


One thought on “Life…After Shivratri

  1. hey jgd dude..
    that was really a pleasent experience working with you.
    and yes my laptop is working superb with win 7.
    hey u didn’t mention that you are maintaining my blog as well.

    this you can write on kolkata yes!+ blog.
    you can share the experience of teachers who worked for this event.

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