Shobha De said ” It’s a loss for India  and gain for Qatar.” Well, from my viewpoint it’s just ‘Good Riddiance!’ For your kind information Mr Hussain, If you would have drawn Jesus or even your Prophet in such a lewd manner, you would have been a wanted terrorist by now in many countries and they would have issued a fatwa against you in a dozen of them. But you are lucky because we Hindus are peaceful, just and rational people. India is the only country where you can get away with such kind of henious crimes. Who gives you the authority to paint our Gods & Goddess in such perveted manner? Given by the nature of your paintings,  i can see that there’s a perverted  & sick old man hiding under that mask of an artist. Because it’s india, no body raised any objections, because we are very accomodating but do remember this, just because we don’t say does not mean we don’t take notice. We are not blind and i want to see if you can draw your dear old prophet getting humped by an animal and then see if you can retain that Qatari citizenship. It’s a darn good choice you made of leaving India, because you are NO LONGER WELCOME!

As for you Mrs Shobha De, i want to remind you that you are an Indian, and if you call such blasphemy, artistry, then you too, don’t have right to stay in this country. Staying in india, but supporting it’s enemies is not tolerated. So, it would be better if you leave India immediately and join Mr Hussain in Qatar!


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