The Name’s Bartowsky..Chuck Bartowsky!

Season 3 of Chuck ended with Orion’s death and apprehension of Mr Shaw(aka Ring double agent aka Mr. Jacka**). Also Ellie comes to know that her father and brother are working for the CIA(finally!).Β  Morgan and Casey’s partnership has it’s funny moments and Mr Gomez does a fine job of playing, the-funny and-ready-to-prove-his-worth, Grimes. Sarah as usual is looking her stunning self and ready to kick some bad guy’s butt! To be honest Buy More had started to sound like BORE MORE! It’s good they decided to burn it down! Though BIG Mike should be available for the next season! All in all the season finale was, needless to say fantastic, though i liked the Subway more than the Ring 2 episode. Let’s keep our fingers crossed when ChuckΒ  returns with all the secrets in fall of 2010 with Season 4!

Chuck Rulez!


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