Self Realization

There’s been so much going on in my life currently that sitting down and writing had become a luxury. Yet here i am, today sitting in my office and sharing the events which led  me to my self realization!

Not long ago, after returning from bangalore ashram, my life was smooth sailing but without any proper direction. Sailing(read working) is fun only when you’re clear about your destination. I dreamt of working in an office, where i can actively take part in the policy making of my country. Then one day my twin told me, “Goverment is looking for young blood, youths like you who want to take the country to greater heights. Take my advice give SSC, and join the goverment. ” He then went on to give an inspiring speech about us being responsible for our society and our duty towards the country and it’s people. After the long albeit electrifying speech, i decided to appear for SSC.

For guys who don’t know, SSC stands for Staff Selection Commision, which takes place once every year and it’s an exam to get,  low to mid level goverment job. I started taking weekend classes for SSC preparations, but i still felt incomplete, like i was missing a piece of puzzle, completing which i will be able to look at the big picture. Then one day my friend Ankur, who is now a YES+ teacher told me that Bengal’s new co-ordinator for Art Of Living, Mr Sabya Dutta will be visiting Kolkata, and that we should definately go and meet him.  

On 19th, i along with ankur and my twin went to meet Mr Dutta. Honestly, i thought it would be another YES+ get together, but it turned out to be much more than that. Sabya Dutta, or rather Sabya bhaiya enlightened us about how the history which we know is totally wrong and distorted. He also pointed out that inspite of Bengal sharing 5 international borders out of the total  7 of our country, we have not progressed in any sectors. Infact we have been plagued with issues like infrastructure, industry, health care and of course politics. For a state which was the intellectual capital (read Hub) of our country not long ago (60 to 70 years back), it is appaling to see that same state in such a sad condition. 

That very moment realization dawned on me, and i knew what i wanted to do. I wanted to change  the image of Bengal from ‘The Land of Nightmare” to “The Place To Be!” When Sabya bhaiya asked who were interested to join politics, i immediately raised my hand.  After the session, bhaiya told us(me & sourav) exclusively to prepare a dossier on the district of bengal featuring economically, socially, pre and post independence scenarios and what are the steps needed to be taken, to improve the districts. After that session, my life has taken a dramatic turn. Everything seems to be falling in place for me. My grandad who is the ex-mayor of chandannagar and my aunt who is a councillor, were very happy with my decision. Especially my Grandad who after listening to my decision,  said “I will be your gate-pass to the world of politics!”

Everything has come to sharp focus since, “my decision day”.  I have finally found the missing piece to the puzzle of my life.


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