Wrong Intention..SSC?

If SSC wanted to provide employment to the thousands unemployed the least they could to do was to provide them with proper examination centres. One look at the examination centres and you can literally imagine a man with two horns with the word SSC dangling on his chest laughing like the devil :0Β  The invigilatoors, the term which the teachers of the particular school or college take it very seriously are so bad that you cant help but feel sorry for them. They walk around in a daze distributing papers and answer sheet as if they were called directly from the bed to report for duty (ugh..).Their co-ordination is so bad that one might think that how they manage to eat or even do other regular stuffs with their hands when they cant even distribute or sign on our answer sheets. Plus when you think that you’ r close to finding the correct answer to a ridiculous Quant problem, one of the colleague(who is suffering from attention deficiency syndrome) of the so called invigilator starts to shout in front of your room for no bloody reason which not only results in you loosing your train of thoughts to getting the solution but also loosing the one mark because doing it all over again will simply be a waste of time. Add to it the narrow benches and stupid students( who reminiscence about their school days in the middle of the bloody exam) you have the perfect recipe for a disastrous competitive exam.


3 thoughts on “Wrong Intention..SSC?

  1. Hey bro,
    SSC is a ‘Government’ thing. And look at all the other government things… look at our roads, look at the state buses that run on it, look into the government schools and colleges they lead to, and leaving out a few exceptions perhaps, what you faced at your exam centre is a way of life. The government way of life. Why were you surprised? And especially cuz you wanted to bring about a change in this very system, you knew its flaws…

  2. What i faced should not be the “Way of Life”. If the government wants bright, intelligent and smart employees the least they can do is to set up exam centres in the major cities in all the zones with quality amenities so that the examinees dont face any problem while appearing for the exam. All the paperwork (signing, or filling up the name on the answer sheet) should be done prior to two hours so that the candidates can get exact two hours for the exam. This is not the infrastructure, this is about hiring the people who will help the government in improving the infrastructure.

  3. Exactly, it shouldn’t be but it is. It is all gross and all that.
    SSC exam—> examinees want to bring about change—> examinees get disillusioned :(. Shouldn’t be the case bro. Am sure you will do well. And then you can show these disgusting buggers how to run a show!

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