Can you keep a secret?

People have many secrets; big secret, small secret, shameful secret, gracious secret, naughty secret, ugly secret..soo many secrets..:) Emma Corrigan too had many secrets and many of it was concerning her show off cousin Kerry, and her work colleagues at Panther Corporation. On one terrible flight from Glasgow to London she ends up spilling all her secrets to a stranger in business class! All’s well till that stranger comes to her office and all hell breaks loose in her life!! Can you keep a secret by Sophie Kinsella is a story about Emma who desperately wants a promotion at her job in Panther Corporation, wants to pay back her father 3000$, and is in search of love! This book is a cute bundle of light, funny, warm, cold experiences of a average individual with whom we all can relate to. It’s perfect for that lazy cool winter evening with a steaming cup of coffee.. πŸ™‚


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