In India, Motherhood which when followed within the rules of the society is respected else denounced. Why is it so? Is it our heritage that binds us and compels us to behave like animals?

I disagree. The mere fact that we too were nurtured within our mother’s womb has been either lost or rather they conveniently choose to ignore it. From small it has been hardwired into us by the society and the media that Conceiving before marriage is forbidden. When we asked for the reason, we were told either to shut up or narrated some religious phrase with the additional advice that persons committing it will be denounced.

I wonder who “marries” off the animals because they too conceive and give birth to their progeny. Some may argue that they are animals, but I say that if they are part of the same universal consciousness then why it should be any different for us.

A woman who conceives and wishes to stay a single mom is very much an alien concept in our country. She seldom finds support in the society. What is her crime? She wanted to raise a child all by herself!

Here I find myself asking, why we can’t respect Motherhood. Keeping the issues aside, we should respect a woman for the mere fact that she is going to be a Mother and lend her all our support.

In a land, where we worship Mother Divine, this should be each and everyone’s responsibility to help in whichever way possible to a woman experiencing Motherhood. We should all drop the garb of an authoritarian and become more compassionate.

Only then can we dream of a place where Motherhood & Mothers both are respected and revered, where She won’t have to struggle and will have the freedom and the support that She desires.







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