My Experience

Living life believing that there’s going to be better Tomorrow doesn’t  work when there’s darkness everywhere you look and the people you counted on left you to rot.

I believed my life was great until I was shown the other scarier half, my ears didn’t want to believe what was being told to me, but self denial only gets you near to the edge and that’s exactly what happened.
“Life knocks you down you get back up” I wanted to believe this line but somehow didn’t have the strength to. Family was falling, relationships were souring and the very essence that meant to bind together our life, love was fading away like the winter sun eager to escape the cold clasp of the dark night.
I had no idea where my life was heading or wether I would be able to survive each day of the torture.
I still remember the day, when I heard from my dad that there’s a possibility of us having to give up our house as it will  taken over by the bank. My Dad wanted to hear something optimistic from me but I was too numb to say anything.

Days seemed like years and I wanted to end my life to save my parents atleast my father from having one more mouth to feed. Being all grown up and not being able to work or provide for the people you care about is the most distressing and depressing thought for a man.

Days went by living in dread, when one evening I saw my parents smiling for the first time in months. The bank had agreed to an agreement proposed by my dad. I felt happy seeing them so relieved and stress free.
Now paying that agreement money was a hurdle; how do we do that? My mother had no jewelry left to sell and there were no assets left either. Then my aunt stepped in and she helped us pay all that amount. She is our guardian angel, without whom even this epistle would not have been possible.
I had thought that my Guru had abandoned me but He sent his best to protect my family and has sent a few more to help me conquer my demons and rise above the golden net of mundane and attain self realization.

Guru Grace
Guru Grace
Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnuh
Gurur Devo Maheshvarah
Gurur Saakshaat Parabrahma
Tasmai Shree Gurave Namah.

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