Piano Concertos of Mozart by Vladimir Ashkenazy

I listen to western classical occasionally whenever time and mood permits. I listen to Chopin and Debussy but had never tried Mozart until recently. I had downloaded The Complete Piano Concertos of Mozart by Vladimir Ashkenazy in FLAC format in 2010 but never got any chance to listen to it and had completely forgotten about it. Today while going through my HD I came across the album and decided to convert it to MP3 to listen to it on my iPod. After an hour of edit and copy pasting, i got all the ten cds onto my iPod. Boy, was I in for a surprise when I started listening to it! I may sound like a plebeian here but each and every track is so beautifully composed and i am sure they sounded as close as to how The Master wanted it to! It sounded so beautiful and elegant that it felt like I was right there listening to Vladimir conduct with Philharmonia Orchestra! I plan to definitely buy this and other beautiful renditions by Vladimir Ashkenazy.

I strongly recommend that you listen to this masterpiece atleast once in your life and if possible with a good pair of headphones or sound system and in FLAC or with an original audio disc.



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