A Conversational Meeting

During our daily travels we come across many people but some leave their marks on us which changes our perception towards our life. It was one such day, today.

On my way way back home, i happened to board a wrong train which usually, doesn’t happen with me. And i came to know about it when i reached a station called Diara. 

I got down, and went and sat down on a bench intending to wait for the train for my journey back. There happened to sit an old man, who enquired about me and asked about my predicament. I told him about the train and he smiled and he said that it happens to the best of men, so don’t beat yourself with it. 

And we got talking.

The more we talked the more i became engrossed in his conversation. He shared his experiences with me and even i shared my feelings about some of the issues that had been troubling me recently, and the advices that he gave me made me feel so light within. Talking with him, and i felt as if i have known him forever. The stress of the whole week had just seeped out of me, by just talking and smiling with him.  

By the time, my train arrived, i was not ready to leave as i wanted to spend some more time with him. He confessed to me that its been ages since he enjoyed a conversation as much as he did today. Saying that, he wished me farewell and saw to that, i boarded the train. 

I had tears in my eyes for i knew in my heart that i will miss meeting him and having this delightful conversation again. He, with his simplicity has made a place in my heart where i shall cherish this Conversational Meeting forever.   


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