Ongoing Crisis

Its been long since my last post and i figured its about time, i shared some of my experiences since my arrival in Delhi.

Well for starters, my life has been a hot tangy gooey mess, since August. Emotional roller coaster rides one after the other has been suffocating to say the least. My spiritual practice has suffered due too in-decisions in my head (quite a few). I thought, studying in a country level institute would help me increase not only my intellectual ability but also allow me to contribute to the knowledge and experience pool  through discussions and debates. But its been disappointing so far. The students (major chunk from Delhi and Neighboring areas) have this schoolish attitude of of not sharing what they have read or even if they have, its hidden away, so that it will get them good grades?!

I mean, seriously?! Today’s world where we have access to information much more easily than public toilets in Delhi, mere reading up is not going to help increase your intellect capability in any way. You will just be left with large chunks of biased information of someone’s else mind roaming around in your head making you no more than a parrot. The only way one can gain intellect maturity, when one discusses the latest issues,  media theories, management  and marketing models, PR techniques with peers and the teachers. Then you not only add to your intellect a clear understanding of what you have read but also help in contributing to the knowledge pool.

The only good thing, that i have found studying here are some of lecturers who go beyond than just merely teaching us. They inspire and encourage despite your shortcomings and are willing to walk beside you to help you set you on your path to your desired goal. Such teachers are rare breed of intellectuals, who are difficult to come by in today’s world of materialism. I am happy to mention that Naren Singh, Amit Sengupta, Ramesh Tahiliani of IIMC are some of the finest teachers, that i have come across in my student life.

Right now we have end of semester exams going on and i ended up screwing up the very subject in which ii want to make a career in..Public Relations/Corporate Communication. If i just get passing grades, that would be good enough, that much how badly i screwed up the paper.. :/

Placement week will be held from 16th to 28th February. I hope i am able to bag a good paying job for my immediate survival, because money, food, and clothes are not given in charity and the ones that are given away, are too crap to be of any significant use.

Anyways i am babbling now; Until next post!



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