Sweet & Sour

It’s been long again, since my last post but I have a good news to share with you. I got placed via campus recruitment in Asia’s largest PR firm, called Adfactors PR. They are well known in the world of financial communication and are the biggest in the fraternity! To say I am happy would be an understatement because I am over the moon! 😀 And the best part, I get to work under, my professional role model, Mr. Samir Kapur, who is the Senior Vice President of the company and also an adjunct faculty at IIMC.

Life at IIMC is coming to a close with only 2 weeks remaining for the end of this course. To be brutally honest, I will not miss this place. At least not for the obvious reasons. This place has an over hyped reputation in the market. And it’s not misplaced, mind you. The hype, comes entirely from the full time and adjunct professors, who are some of the best minds in the country. The students on the other hand including the sod writing this piece are just sad ending of a miserable love story. The students are brilliant, talented but utterly dysfunctional when it comes to synchronicity or cohesive working to get a job done. There is a basic lack of discipline which resembles the culture of this city. Being dynamic doesn’t mean one has to be abusive or insensitive to others, but it is worn proudly as a batch to gel in this culture. Individuals expect too much from others than focusing on their own, actions and behaviors leading to dysfunctionality within working groups. It’s sad to imagine, the condition of their future married life if these traits were to continue. People are judged on their academic scores by their peers than their intellectual capability which in turn leads to alienation and formation of closed groups of friends which is a sad reality.

Is IIMC a place to be? Yes. Will it help my career? Definitely, Yes. Will I make lasting friendships over here? Probably not.  What’s the best part about IIMC? Teachers, Teachers, Teachers.


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