Favoritism kills talent in an organization period

When the the man at the reins favors someone  too much, its a disaster in making.

I am not saying its a bad thing, but giving equal opportunity to the employees on learning about the business, grooming, helping them polish their skills is what matters

And when that doesn’t  happen, well it kills talent, enthusiasm and joy of working in an organization.

People at the helm should know, what they are doing is wrong.They are running a company not a family! They should learn to know where to stop and draw a line. Employees can see, mind you and once they decide to leave, the company will loose a bright talent, not mentioning the money went in training him or her.

The last time i decided to air my feelings on MY blog, i was told i cant and on top of that my post was copied and stored on on email to show me my mistake.

Well, this time i don’t care.

And please do forgive my poor writing, if you happen to be reading this sad post. I am still learning to pen down my feelings in perfect english.



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