To the journey within..

The nine nights (Navaratri) is an experience which is beyond any form of expression. But here i am trying to pen down the inexpressible for you! The  nine nights celebrate the journey from gross to the most subtle of existence. It celebrates the realization of our true nature, our one true form. During this nine nights, the feminine energy in the universe is worshiped according to the ancient vedic traditions. These nine nights were magical for me! The first three nights are the days of Tamas. Tamas is one of the three qualities which helps us relax and sleep. During those three days, i caught myself yawning at 10 AM in the morning! You may wonder “Whats new in this? You require more sleep” But if you become aware of your own mind-body complex you will notice these subtle changes more clearly. Despite the heavy influence of Tamas during the first three days, i was able to meditate deeply. The next three days were of Rajas which helps us in any form of activity. Imbalance of this element leads to restlessness in us. During these days, i witnessed my mind over working in planning for the day ahead for any activity. Just being aware of this phenomenon is surreal and made me realize that we are an intimate part of nature. All our actions are governed by our  thoughts which is influenced by our surroundings, environment and the company we keep. The last three days were of Satva which helps bring luck, prosperity, joy and overall balance in our lives.

These past week i have been feeling gratitude towards all those who have been instrumental in getting me on this path. I can never thank them enough for getting me on the spiritual path. The most difficult task for any human being is to find a spiritual guide (Guru) who can guide him/her to liberation. I have been incredibly lucky to been chosen by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as his disciple and i will always remain in debted to HIM for teaching me the powerful breathing technique, Sudarshan Kriya to handle the daily negativity in my life. Thank you Mom Dad and Guruji for this beautiful life 🙂




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