Looking for Satisfaction

Since my childhood days, i have always aspired to do things differently. Things which others thought cannot be done, i wanted to get involved with. I thought doing difficult things would bring me satisfaction and peace of mind. But little did i realize, my ego was playing me.

When i went to college, i chose to pursue Bachelors in Commerce because to me it was the next logical step. Boy was i wrong! Accountancy and its ilk proved to be Dante’s seventh circle of hell! No matter how much i practiced, the problems came at me like the plague and drove me insane! I quickly realized that a career in finance isn’t meant for me.

After getting initiated into Sudarshan Kriya, I got a glimpse of what it means have peace of mind! For the first time, my racing mind stopped and i had no answer or question for anything or anybody. I felt like a witness to the outside world. This brought a sense of tranquility and peace in my life.

Over the course of 10 years of practicing meditation, i have realized that it’s our ego which clouds our viveka and misdirects us towards things that requires extra effort. It creates a false notion that we will be rewarded and favored if we do the tough things. And this very thought sends us in an unending cycle of sleepless nights, stress and demand which not only destroys our peace of mind but also adversely affects our physical health.

Recently I have come to realize that i have become a victim of my ego’s foolish pursuit of success and recognition infinite times and i am tired of it’s errands. All i want now, is to sit quietly and let my mind become still and silent and discover the world within with infinite possibilities and no limitations. I don’t want to become a puppet at the hands of time in this lifetime!

I want to embrace the higher purpose of my life and enjoy the company of learned and wise men and women, who can guide me to the higher planes of existence. That is the satisfaction i seek, for nothing else in this world is worth my inner peace and mental well being.


2 thoughts on “Looking for Satisfaction

    1. This life is too short and magnificent to do the things that we are doing. I want to break the shackles imposed by the judgmental attitude of the world and society and be free.

      Thank you for understanding AB 🙂

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