Alleviating Pain

I have no shame in admitting that I am depressed. I am in pain and need help. I have even pondered over killing myself for an easy fix to my problems. But reality is, that taking away my life would only exacerbate my suffering.

The only remedy that I have found to my pain is to help and guide people out of their problems. When people approach me with their problems, I never turn them away. I try to help them to the best of my ability or connect them to someone who can help them out but I never flat out refuse them. I have been in tight spots in the past and sometimes I have had people show me the way, but most of the times I have figured it out myself. It’s only fair that I use my knowledge pool from my experience to help people who reach out to me.

I personally find it very enriching and equally satisfying  to assist people in their hour of need. Helping others is a two way street. When we help others, we  get healed from within. The negativity disappears and the inner light of peace and happiness shines through. The satisfaction of putting someone at ease mentally and physically is unparalleled! I feel very happy when I see them walk away with a smile on their lips.

Everyone should have a mentor in life who can be the guide in darkest of times and hour of need. I have been lucky to have few who in their best interests for me, continue to guide in  both matters of spiritual and worldly affairs.

The next time someone comes to you for help, first hear them out. Be patient with their query and if possible, then offer them your assistance. Who knows, your help may act as the biggest influence on someone’s life. Or you may end up saving someone from committing suicide. Either way, you will win.





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