What you mean to me

Can the inexpressible be ever expressed? Can we form words that truly depict what we honestly feel within our heart?

I have tried but no matter the language Or the words, I have failed to highlight what I truly feel.

It’s not because you are an enigma, but the subtle bond that we share is.

You…When I remember your name, it reminds me of the purity and innocence of a child.

You…When I remember your voice, it ignites a positive vibe  which reverberates “Everything is possible” deep within the confines of my heart.

You…When I remember your presence, I remember the constant pull, to be with you, to be near you, to know that you are there.

You…When I need inspiration, I remember your journey, your sacrifices, your struggles and your achievements. I feel a sense of pride and immense joy for you are a conqueror of Positive over Negative.

I don’t know what you mean to me.

But what I do know, is that you are an inspiration for the achievers, beacon of hope for the failures and a balm of compassion for the weak.

You… are my hero, my pride, my aim and my guide.



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