Last Christmas…

When I heard that George Michael had passed away in his sleep, I felt so many different emotions.  I still remember the day when I had listened to Last Christmas for the first time..It was as if my heart spoke for the first time! It has been my comfort song for over two decades whenever I have fallen out of a relatownship. The lyrics is like a balm to my aching soul. The song sounds magical especially this time of the year. For people  like me who have had their heart broken on numerous occasions, this song means so much more..It describes my innermost  turmoil with Love and how I have come up empty handed in my all my past relationships.

As another year passes by, I sit by my window hoping the coming new year to make my heart whole fill me up with the sweet nectar of love and longing and never let it dry up ever again. I enjoy Christmas more than my birthday because Christmas to me is the day to celebrate love, and all its magnificent colours. I wish with my whole heart that I too find that someone whom I can love with all my heart and who won’t give it away for anything in the world..

Thank you George for your love! Rest in peace, dearest friend. 


Looking for Satisfaction

Since my childhood days, i have always aspired to do things differently. Things which others thought cannot be done, i wanted to get involved with. I thought doing difficult things would bring me satisfaction and peace of mind. But little did i realize, my ego was playing me.

When i went to college, i chose to pursue Bachelors in Commerce because to me it was the next logical step. Boy was i wrong! Accountancy and its ilk proved to be Dante’s seventh circle of hell! No matter how much i practiced, the problems came at me like the plague and drove me insane! I quickly realized that a career in finance isn’t meant for me.

After getting initiated into Sudarshan Kriya, I got a glimpse of what it means have peace of mind! For the first time, my racing mind stopped and i had no answer or question for anything or anybody. I felt like a witness to the outside world. This brought a sense of tranquility and peace in my life.

Over the course of 10 years of practicing meditation, i have realized that it’s our ego which clouds our viveka and misdirects us towards things that requires extra effort. It creates a false notion that we will be rewarded and favored if we do the tough things. And this very thought sends us in an unending cycle of sleepless nights, stress and demand which not only destroys our peace of mind but also adversely affects our physical health.

Recently I have come to realize that i have become a victim of my ego’s foolish pursuit of success and recognition infinite times and i am tired of it’s errands. All i want now, is to sit quietly and let my mind become still and silent and discover the world within with infinite possibilities and no limitations. I don’t want to become a puppet at the hands of time in this lifetime!

I want to embrace the higher purpose of my life and enjoy the company of learned and wise men and women, who can guide me to the higher planes of existence. That is the satisfaction i seek, for nothing else in this world is worth my inner peace and mental well being.

To the journey within..

The nine nights (Navaratri) is an experience which is beyond any form of expression. But here i am trying to pen down the inexpressible for you! The  nine nights celebrate the journey from gross to the most subtle of existence. It celebrates the realization of our true nature, our one true form. During this nine nights, the feminine energy in the universe is worshiped according to the ancient vedic traditions. These nine nights were magical for me! The first three nights are the days of Tamas. Tamas is one of the three qualities which helps us relax and sleep. During those three days, i caught myself yawning at 10 AM in the morning! You may wonder “Whats new in this? You require more sleep” But if you become aware of your own mind-body complex you will notice these subtle changes more clearly. Despite the heavy influence of Tamas during the first three days, i was able to meditate deeply. The next three days were of Rajas which helps us in any form of activity. Imbalance of this element leads to restlessness in us. During these days, i witnessed my mind over working in planning for the day ahead for any activity. Just being aware of this phenomenon is surreal and made me realize that we are an intimate part of nature. All our actions are governed by our  thoughts which is influenced by our surroundings, environment and the company we keep. The last three days were of Satva which helps bring luck, prosperity, joy and overall balance in our lives.

These past week i have been feeling gratitude towards all those who have been instrumental in getting me on this path. I can never thank them enough for getting me on the spiritual path. The most difficult task for any human being is to find a spiritual guide (Guru) who can guide him/her to liberation. I have been incredibly lucky to been chosen by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as his disciple and i will always remain in debted to HIM for teaching me the powerful breathing technique, Sudarshan Kriya to handle the daily negativity in my life. Thank you Mom Dad and Guruji for this beautiful life 🙂



Desiderata – Desired Things

We all want o be “Happy” But Happiness isn’t something to be pursued. It is to realize the inner bounty of Grace and the outside need of service

This is a famous prose poem by Max Ehrmann who is known to have composed it in 1927.

“Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.

Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.

And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.

Strive to be happy!”

We want to be happy, independent and free in our lives. We associate happiness with the things that we want most, may that be a job, object, partner or an experience.

I want the same things too and i have been running form pillar to post trying to achieve “Happiness”. But what i fail to register in my constantly buzzing mind is that happiness is right here, this moment. It is in the heartbeat, the inhalation, the sound of running water and even the hum of an air conditioner!

There are days when i fail to register the magnificence of the universe, because i am so caught up in my always planning head. And there are days where even an auto driver’s driving reminds me of how nature takes care of us! Today is one of those days, where i am choosing to share my thoughts with you.

I love this poem. Because it talks about maintaining your inner calm despite the storm outside. It is very easy to get lost in the chaos of the world, but it takes skill, perseverance and  dedication to stick to your integrity, honesty and  centredness to remain untouched by the events of ever changing world. That’s my true aim, TO BE.

I care about my words, i care about my behaviour with strangers and family and promises that i make. I wish i could drop my desire completely and just be one with my self. No regrets, no heart breaks, just help people to be happy and smile genuinely!

Life is a mystery because the journey i have had till date has been nothing short of spectacular! Its been a myriad seemingly un-connected roads which have shaped me into the individual that i am today. It has given me so many gifts, some by taking away my false realities and some in form of friends like Vinay for whom words aren’t enough!

All the gifts that nature has so compassionately bestowed upon me have made me even more grateful and in awe of its benevolence and love. Sometimes i rebuke myself for committing a mistake and don’t forgive myself easily.But i should remember that nature loves me very dearly like it does every single being on this planet. If it can forgive me for all my wrong doings then i can be more gentle and compassionate with myself. By practicing compassion with myself, only then can i be more forgiving and understanding with others. Only then can i rise up to be a sensitive and strong leader.

I received a mail today from a dearest friend of mine with whom i have adored for long.She is doing a absolutely wonderful work in the north east states of our country and bridging gap between them and other states in the light of racial disharmony and government negligence. She inspires me a LOT. I wish i was strong as her, as determined as her, to be able to give up every comfort and desire and be dedicated towards serving the society and bringing a smile in to all the faces!

I am incredibly lucky to know such lucky souls who have given up their life of comfort and self desire to serve the not so fortunate to and give them a sense of peace, calm and love into their lives. When i meet them i am awed by the glow on their face and the smile on their lips! They tell me stories about their adventures which makes me feel so ashamed of my whimsical like complaints. They live and serve in conditions which would be highly challenging for an urban bred guy like me. But yet they continue despite the challenges with a indomitable spirit and iron clad commitment.

I am surrounded by inspiration! All i need is the strength to take the next step

All i need is the blessing of my Gurudev and my best friends to be truly free from my wants and Just Be!

Freedom from pleasure and desire..Just Be!



I have been pondering of how to begin this but then any day is a good day for something creative. Its winter time and I have been wondering if it coincides with the moods of the people here. Winter is the time when you shed all your inhibitions ( apart from your clothes 😉 ) and greet everyone with the most glamorous smile you have been blessed with. But unfortunately not everyone follows this train of thought. Some decide it is supposedly cool to be to be a frustrated pig and go around spreading their disgusting smell everywhere. No matter what you say or do will make them leave their disgusted ways. Someone has said that there is a lot of unexpressed love in everyone’s life but if this the way they express their “love” then thanks, I don’t need it. I am better off with the “unexpressed” than the “expressed.”


Its called being smart & not in-sensitive.

The tale of Seven Indian Cities

Seven cities in India correspond to seven centres or chakras in our body:

Ayodhya Mathura Maya Kashi Kanchi Avantika Puri Dwarakavati caiva saptaide moksha dayika

Maya or Haridwar corresponds to the Mooladhar Chakra situated at the base of the spine. When the jadata or lethargy goes and enthusiasm begins, you commence your journey. Haridwar, the starting point, is the door to the house of the Divine.

Kanchi corresponds to the Swadhisthana Chakra situated behind the genitals, as the presiding deity here is Kamakshi, the goddess of kama or desire.

Ayodhya corresponds to the third chakra, the Manipura, situated in the navel region, where joy, generosity, greed and jealousy manifest. All these emotions are connected to Ayodhya.

It was the jealousy and greed of Kaikeyi that made Rama take vanavas. Ayodhya is also known for the generosity of Rama. The joy of Rama’s return to Ayodhya is celebrated as Diwali. Joy, generosity, greed and jealousy meet in the nabhi pradesh, Ayodhya. Ayodhya also means where there is no fight, where it cannot hurt.

Mathura is Anahata, the heart chakra. The heart is associated with three emotions: Love, fear and hatred. Mathura symbolises the love and devotion of the gopis for Krishna, as well as of the fear and hatred of Kansa, all matters of the heart.

Avantika, also called Ujjain, is related to the Vishuddha or the throat chakra. Ujjain is the city of art and literature. Poet Kalidas hailed from Ujjain. It is also the city of Vikramaditya, of grief and glory. We feel gratitude in the throat region – we get choked.

Kashi represents the Ajna Chakra situated between the eyebrows. Kashi has always been the seat of knowledge. That’s why the ajna chakra is also called Gyana chakshu, the third eye. Kashi is the city of pundits and scholars.

Dwaraka represents the Sahasrara, the crown chakra on top of the head. Dwarka literally means: ÒWhere is the door?Ó The door is irrelevant if there are no walls. Infinity has no walls. Krishna left his body in Dwarka. Sahasrara also means thousand avenues. It means the pathless path. The path to liberation begins at Haridwar and culminates at Dwarka.

The soul is called Purusha. Pura means a town. Purusha means one who lives in the town. The Purusha is unbound and infinite. But the Purusha experiences bondage with all the negative emotions. Positive feelings with knowledge are liberating. Positive feelings without knowledge create negative emotions that are stifling, hence one experiences bondage. When you observe the prana moving through different centres associated with sensations, the negative feelings cease to exist and one is liberated from bondage.

The microcosm and the macrocosm are interlinked. Planet earth, home to many organisms, is itself a large organism. It is not just a place for living beings; it is a living organism as a whole. This is what the Gaia theory says. Materialism considers everything as objects. Spirituality, on the other hand, discovers life in everything. So do children. For them, the moon talks, the sun smiles and the mountains hear. Everything comes alive. Chicken, cows, and mice – all are perceived to be in communication mode. Even cities have collective consciousness. A Street where unethical people conduct their business is believed to emit heavy vibrations whereas an educational institution or a place of worship emits positive and light vibrations.

The seven sacred rivers are the Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Godavari, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri.

Together with the seven sacred cities, they are linked to the seven sacred spots within you.

Back To Space

Back To Space

From time to time the earth shakes and in its shaking wakes up the man who is in slumber, who not only misuses Nature but puts his faith in bricks and mortar. Your true security is in the Self not in bricks and mortar. Perhaps this is what Nature wants to convey to you. Earthquakes, floods and volcanoes all drive home the truth that nothing is permanent and you cannot find security in that which is not permanent.

They all come to you as a shock and wake you up. When such calamities occur we try to understand their cause so that we can blame someone. Strangely, when you find someone to blame you feel comfortable, but with natural calamities you cannot blame anyone. It comes to you as a shock. With wisdom, shocks can make you grow in leaps and bounds. Without wisdom a shock can only lead you to negativity and depression.

Q. Why should nature destroy small innocent children?

A. Nature just does its job. It does not discriminate between young and old. Do you think that all those who eat bamboo shoots and eggs or pluck flower buds are not compassionate, maybe, maybe not!

Instead of questioning Nature, wake up and see the opportunity for seva (service). See what’s happening in Gujarat now. Today, hundreds and thousands are engaged in service activities that would not have happened otherwise. One positive thing coming out of destruction is the reconstruction of Gujarat which would not have happened if not for earthquake. Another interesting factor is a fresh water spring that has appeared in a region that has been continuously drought prone.

Wisdom is to consider the earth as your Valentine. Whether it shakes or breaks, it is dear to you. You always see good coming from it. The four elements, other than space, create turbulence from time to time. If you depend on them for support, they will shake you and lead you back to space.

Finding security in inner space is spirituality.

The Meaning of Navratri


















The festival of Nine Nights or “Navratri” known to us from time immemorial is finally here. It is said, Maa Durga killed the demon king Mahishasura who had a boon that no man could kill him. My Guruji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji explains the concept of Navratri in a beautiful way.

Sri Sri:

What is the meaning of Navaratri? Ratri, “ra” means giving solace. Solace from three types of problems, that is “tri” – physical, ethereal and causal. Ratri relieves you and puts you to sleep. No animal needs to worry at night. Whether happy or unhappy everybody goes to sleep. In Sanskrit, words are connected to the meaning. This leaf (tied on the stage) is “parna”. It absorbs sun rays and photosynthesis happens. Similarly there is “aparna”. That which doesn’t absorb but radiates – like a mirror. This white cloth (pointing to his white robes) is “aparna”. White color doesn’t absorb, it reflects. Similarly green is “parna” as it absorbs.

Navaratri has two meanings – “New Night” and “Nine Nights”. It takes nine months for a child to be born. The child rests in the womb during this period. Similarly in Navaratri you get back to the Self – self referral. Dip into yourself and then you come out with more creativity and are victorious. Negative forces – craving and aversion – get relief from all these. Go to the source of energy.

Craving and aversion are two asuras (demons) like “Madhu” and “Kaitabha”. Then there is also “Raktabijasura”, that which is in your genes. “Rakta” means blood, “bija” means seed. Raktabijasura is like gene in the blood. Sometimes your behaviour is not in your control – it’s in your genes, Raktabijasura. Medication and meditation are required to tackle Raktabijasura. When such energy comes to you, transformation happens, the genes change.

Then there is “Mahishasura” – dullness. Dullness like a buffalo. You need “Shakti” (energy) to deal with this. When Shakti comes, inertia is lifted out. “Shumbha” and “Nishumbha” – doubting on everything. “Shumbha” means doubting oneself and “Nishumbha” means doubting others. Doubting at every step. These days people are so busy. Mind is so clogged, so occupied, no time to think of oneself. If someone insults you, don’t think it as intentional.
“Chanda” and “Munda”. Chanda means opposite head. Chanda will oppose anything you say. One who cannot agree with anything. “Munda” does not have a head at all. Whatever you tell them, it will all go in air. Then there is “Dhumralochana”, “Dhumra” means smoke and “lochana” means eyes – smoky eyes. They see everything hazy.

All this is due to lack of Shakti. When you are full of energy and enthusiasm none of these rakshasas (demons) can come in you.

The Three Gunas

Sattwa, Rajas & Tamas
From The Mahabharata,
Aswamedha Parva, Sections XXXVI to XXXIX
Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli

[Note:Sattwa = Goodness, Rajas = Passion, Tamas = Darkness]

Brahma (the Grandsire Prajapati) said:
Darkness, Passion and Goodness–these are called the three qualities.

Darkness should be known to have the night (or obscurity) for its essence. It is otherwise called Delusion. It has unrighteousness (or sin) also for its indication, and it is always present in all sinful acts. This is the nature of Darkness and it appears also as confined with others.

Passion is said to have activity for its essence. It is the cause of successive acts. When it prevails, its indication, among all beings, is production.

Splendour, lightness and faith – these are the form, that is light, of Goodness among all creatures, as regarded by all good men.

The true nature of their characteristics will now be declared by me with reasons. These shall be stated in aggregation and separation.

Tamas (Darkness)

Complete delusion, ignorance, illiberality, indecision in respect of action, sleep, haughtiness, fear, cupidity, grief, censure of good acts, loss of memory, unripeness of judgment, absence of faith, violation of all rules of conduct, want of discrimination, blindness, vileness of behaviour, boastful assertions of performance when there has been no performance, presumption of knowledge in ignorance, unfriendliness (or hostility), evilness of disposition, absence of faith, stupid reasoning, crookedness, incapacity for association, sinful action, senselessness, stolidity, lassitude, absence of self-control, degradation, – all these qualities are known as belonging to Darkness (Tamas).

Whatever other states of mind connected with delusion exist in the world, all appertain to Darkness. Frequent ill-speaking of other people, censuring the deities and the Brahmanas (priests), illiberality, vanity, delusion, wrath, unforgiveness, hostility towards all creatures, are regarded as the characteristics of Darkness. Whatever undertakings exist that are unmeritorious (in consequence of their being vain or useless), what gifts there are that are unmeritorious (in consequence of the unworthiness of the donee, the unseasonableness of the time, the impropriety of the object, etc.), vain eating, – these also appertain to Darknesss (Tamas).

Indulgence in calumny, unforgiveness, animosity, vanity, and absence of faith are also said to be characteristics of Darkness. Whatever men there are in this world who are characterised by these and other faults of a similar kind, and who break through the restraints provided by the scriptures, are all regarded as belonging to the quality of Darkness.

I shall now declare the wombs where these men, who are always of sinful deeds, have to take their birth. Ordained to go to hell, they sink in the order of being. Indeed, they sink into the hell of ( birth in) brute creation. They become immobile entities, or animals, or beasts of burden; or carnivorous creatures, or snakes or worms, insects and birds; or creatures of the oviparous order, or quadrupeds of diverse species; or lunatics, or deaf or dumb human beings, or men that are afflicted by dreadful maladies and regarded as unclean. These men of evil conduct, always exhibiting the indications of their acts, sink in Darkness. their course (of migration) is always downwards. Appertaining to the quality of Darkness, they sink in Darkness.

I shall, after this, declare what the means are of their improvement and ascent; indeed, by what means they succeed in attaining to the regions that exist for men of pious deeds.

Those men who take birth in orders other than humanity, by growing up in view of the religious ceremonies of Brahmanas (priests) devoted to the duties of their own order and desirous of doing good to all creatures, succeed, through the aid of such purificatory rites, in ascending upwards. Indeed struggling (to improve themselves), they at last attain to the same regions with these pious Brahmanas. Verily, they go to Heaven. Even this is the Vedic audition. Born in order other than humanity and growing old in their respective acts, even thus they become human beings that are, of course, ordained to return. Coming to sinful births and becoming Chandalas, or human beings that are deaf, or that lisp indistinctly, they attain to higher and higher castes, one after another in proper turn, transcending the Sudra order, and other (consequences of) qualities that appertain to Darkness and that abide in it in course of migrations in this world.

Attachment to objects of desire is regarded as great delusion. Here Rishis and Munis (Seers and sages), and deities become deluded, desirous of pleasure. Darkness, delusion, the great delusion, the great obscurity called wrath, and death, that blinding obscurity (these are the five great afflictions). As regards wrath, that is the great obscurity (and not aversion or hatred as is sometimes included in the list).

With respect then to its colour (nature), its characteristics, and its source, I have, ye learned Brahmanas, declared to you, accurately and in due order, everything about the quality of Darkness (Tamas). Who is there that truly understands it? Who is there that truly sees it? That, indeed, is the characteristic of Darkness, viz., the beholding of reality in what is not real. The qualities of Darkness have been declared to you in various ways. Duly has Darkness, in its higher and lower forms, been described to you. That man who always bears in mind the qualities mentioned here, will surely succeed in becoming freed from all characteristics that appertain to Darkness.

Rajas (Passion)

Brahma said: I shall now declare to you accurately
what the quality of Passion (Rajas) is.

Injuring others, beauty, toil, pleasure and pain, cold and heat, lordship (or power), war, peace, arguments, dissatisfaction, endurance, might, valour, pride, wrath, exertion, quarrel, jealousy, desire, malice, battle, the sense of meum or mineness, protection of others, slaughter, bonds, and affliction, buying and selling, lopping off, cutting, piercing and cutting off the coat of mail that another has worn, fierceness, cruelty, vilifying, pointing out the faults of others, thoughts entirely devoted to worldly affairs, anxiety, animosity, reviling of others, false speech, false or vain gifts, hesitancy or doubts, boastfulness of speech, praise and criticisms, laudation, prowess, defiance, attendance (as on the weak and the sick), obedience (to the commands of preceptors and parents), service or ministrations, harbouring of thirst or desire, cleverness or dexterity of conduct, policy heedlessness, contumely, possessions, and diverse decorations that prevail in the world among men, women, animals, inanimate things, houses, grief, incredulousness, vows and regulations, actions with expectation (of good result), diverse acts of public charity, the rites in respect of Swaha salutations, rites of Swadha and Vashat, officiating at the sacrifices of others, imparting of instruction, performance of sacrifices, study, making of gifts, acceptance of gifts, rites of expiation, auspicious acts, the wish to have this and that, affection generated by the merits of the object for which or whom it is felt, treachery, deception, disrespect and respect, theft, killing, desire of concealment, vexation, wakefulness, ostentation, haughtiness, attachment, devotion, contentment, exultation, gambling, indulgence in scandal, all relations arising out of women, attachment to dancing, instrumental music and songs – all these qualities have been said to belong to the quality of Passion (Rajas).

Those men on earth who meditate on the past, present and the future, who are devoted to the aggregate of the three viz., Religion, Wealth and Pleasure, who acting from impulse of desire, exult on attaining to affluence in respect of every desire, are said to be enveloped by Passion (Rajas). These men have downward courses. Repeatedly reborn in this world, they give themselves up to pleasure. They covet what belongs to the world as also all those fruits that belong to the world hereafter. They make gifts, accept gifts, offer oblations to the Pitris, and pour libations on the sacrificial fire.

The qualities of Passion have thus been declared to you in their variety. The course of conduct also to which it leads has been properly described to you. The man, who always understands these qualities, succeeds in always freeing himself from all of them which appertain to Passion (Rajas).

Sattwa (Goodness)

Brahma (the Grandsire Prajapati) said: Sattwa is beneficial to all creatures in the world, and unblamable, and constitutes the conduct of those that are good.

Joy, satisfaction, nobility, enlightenment, and happiness, absence of stinginess, absence of fear, contentment, disposition for faith, forgiveness, courage, abstention from injuring any creature, equability, truth, straightforwardness, absence of wrath, absence of malice, purity, cleverness, prowess- these appertain to the quality of Goodness (Sattwa).

He who is devoted to the duty of Yoga, regarding knowledge to be vain, conduct to be vain, service to be vain, and mode of life to be vain, attains to what is highest in the world hereafter. Freedom from the idea of meum (mineness), freedom from egoism, freedom from expectations, looking upon all with an equal eye, and freedom from desire, – these constitute the eternal religion of the good.

Confidence, modesty, forgiveness, renunciation, purity, absence of laziness, absence of cruelty, absence of delusion, compassion to all creatures, absence of the disposition to calumniate, exultation, satisfaction, rapture, humility, good behaviour, purity in all acts having for their object the attainment of tranquillity, righteous understanding, emancipation from attachments, indifference, Brahamcharya (celibacy), complete renunciation, freedom from the idea of meum, freedom from expectations, unbroken observance of righteousness, beliefs that gifts are vain, sacrifices are vain, study is vain, vows are vain, acceptance of gifts is vain, observance of duties is vain, and penances are vain – those Brahmanas (priests) in this world, whose conduct is marked by these virtues, who adhere to righteousness, who abide in the Vedas, are said to be wise and possessed of correctness of vision.
[Note: Compare from The Mahabharata, Aswamedha Parva, Sec.XLIV:
Brahma said: The Unmenifest is the source of all the worlds as, indeed, that is the end of every thing. Days end with the sun’s setting and Nights with the sun’s rising. The end of pleasure is always sorrow, and the end of sorrow is always pleasure. All accumulations have exhaustion for their end, and all ascent have falls for their end. All associations have dissociations for their end, and life has death for its end. All action ends in destruction and all that is born is certain to meet with death. Every mobile and immobile thing in this world is transient. Sacrifice, gift, penances, study, vows, observances, – all these have destruction for their end. Of Knowledge, there is no end. Hence, one that is possesed of a tranquil soul, that has subjugated his senses, that is freed from the sense of meum (mineness), that is devoid of egoism, is released from all sins by pure knowledge.]

Casting off all sins and freed from grief, those men possessed of wisdom attain to Heaven and create diverse bodies for themselves. Attaining the power of governing everything, self-restraint, minuteness, these high-souled ones make operations of their own mind, like the gods themselves dwelling in Heaven. Such men are said to have their courses directed upwards. They are veritable gods capable of modifying all things. Attaining to Heaven they modify all things by their very nature. They get whatever objects they desire and enjoy them.

Thus have I, ye foremost of regenerate ones, described to you what that conduct is which appertains to the quality of Goodness (Sattwa). Understanding this duly, one acquires whatever objects one desires. The qualities that appertain to Goodness have been declared particularly. The conduct which those qualities constitute has also been properly set forth. That man who always understands these qualities, succeeds in enjoying the qualities without being attached to them.

Brahma said:These qualities are incapable of being declared as completely separate from one another. Passion, and Goodness and Darkness are seen existing in a state of union. They are attached to one another. They depend on one another. They have one another for their refuge. They likewise follow one another. As long as Goodness exists, so long does Passion exist. There is no doubt in this. As long as Darkness and Goodness exist, so long does Passion exist. They make their journey together in union, and moving collectively. They, verily, move in body, when they act with cause or without cause. Of all these which act with one another, however much they may differ in their development, the manner in which their increase and diminution take place will now be declared.

There where Darkness exists in an increased measure, in the lower creatures (for example), Passion exists in smaller measure and Goodness in a measure that is still less. There where Passion exists in copious measure, in creatures of middle course, Darkness exists in a smaller measure and Goodness in a measure that is still less. There where Goodness exists in a copious measure, in creatures of upward courses, Darkness should be known to exist in a small measure and Passion in a measure that is still less.

Goodness is the spring that causes the modifications of the senses. It is the great enlightener. No duty has been laid down that is higher than Goodness. They who abide in Goodness proceed upwards. They who abide in Passion remain in the middle. They who abide in Darkness, being characterised by qualities that are low, sink downwards. Darkness occurs in the Sudra; Passion in the Kshatriya; and Goodness, which is the highest, in the Brahmana. The three qualities exist even thus in the three orders. Even from a distance (without being examined minutely), the three qualities of Darkness and Goodness and Passion, are seen to exist in a state of union and more collectively. They are never seen in a state of separation.

Beholding the sun rising, men of evil deeds become inspired with fear. Travellers on their way become afflicted with heat, and suffer distress. The Sun is Goodness developed; men of evil deeds represent Darkness; the heat which travellers on their way feel is said to be a quality of Passion. The sun representing light is Goodness; the heat is the quality of Passion, the shading (or eclipse) of the sun on Parvana days should be known to represent Darkness. Even thus, the three qualities exist in all luminous bodies. They act by turns in diverse places in diverse ways. Among immobile objects, the quality of Darkness exists in a very large measure. The qualities appertaining to Passion are those properties of theirs which undergo constant changes. Their oleaginous attributes appertain to Goodness.

The day should be understood as threefold.
[Note: Early morning hours known as Brahma-muhurt (around 4am to 6am) is Sattwic part of the day full of Goodness, conducive to the practice of meditation. As the day progresses, the quality of Passion becomes prominent. Late afternoons and evenings are predominantly of the nature of Darkness.] The night has been ordained to be threefold. So also are fortnight, months, years, seasons and conjunctions. [Conjunctions are evidently the periods joining the seasons, i.e., the close of one season and the beginning of another.] The gifts that are made are threefold. Threefold is sacrifice that flows. Threefold are the worlds; threefold the deities; threefold is knowledge; and threefold the path or end.

The Past, the Present and the Future; Religion, Wealth and Pleasure; Prana, Apana and Udana; these also are fraught with the three qualities. Whatever object exists in this world, everything in it is fraught with the three qualities.

The three qualities act by turns in all things and in all circumstances. Verily, the three qualities always act in an unmanifest form. The creation of those three, viz., Goodness, Passion and Darkness, is eternal. The unmanifest consisting of the three qualities, is said to be Darkness, unperceived, holy, constant, unborn, womb, eternal, Nature, change or modification, destruction, Pradhana, production, and absorption, undeveloped, not small (i.e.vast), unshaking, immovable, fixed, existent, and non-existent. All these names should be known by those who meditate on matters connected with the soul. That person who accurately knows the names of the unmanifest, and the qualities, as also the pure operations (of the qualities), is well conversant with the truth about all distinctions and freed from the body, becomes liberated from all qualities and enjoys absolute happiness.

Brahma (the Grandsire Prajapati) said: Darkness, Passion and Goodness – these are called the three qualities. These are coupled with one another. They exist depending on one another. They take refuge in one another, and follow one another. They are joined with one another. The five principal elements (earth, water, fire, air & space) are characterised by these three qualities. Goodness is the match of Darkness. Of Goodness that match is Passion. Goodness is also the match of Passion, and of Goodness the match is Darkness. There where Darkness is restrained, Passion is seen to flow. There where Passion is restrained, Goodness is seen to flow.

That which is unmanifest, which is indistinct, all-pervading, everlasting, immutable, should be known to become the city (or mansion) of nine portals, possessed of three qualities, and consisting of five ingredients. Encompassed by eleven including Mind which distinguishes (objects), and having understanding for the ruler, this is an aggregate of eleven. [Note: The total eleven is made up of the three qualities: Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space, the group of organs of action and organs of perception as one (five organs of action are speech (tongue),hands, legs, organ of generation, organ of evacuation; five organs of perception are tongue(tastes), nostrils (smell), eyes (sight), ears (sound0 and skin (touch)], egoism and understanding.]The three ducts that are in it support it constantly. These are the three Nadis. They run continually, and have the three qualities for their essence; Darkness, Passion and Goodness.

Jai Gurudev!