Looking Forward

What i loved about 2015,that i got to try new things and meet new people.


Another year has gone by. Do i regret the passed year? No. Could i have done things differently? Perhaps.

2015 was a year when i received a lot of fair advises from all round. My peers, seniors, know-ers, and back-bitters, had some opinion to shower on me on how to get work done. Some made sense, some were weird, rest were trash.

What i loved about 2015, was i got a lot of opportunities to learn something new and try different things. It was exciting, nerve racking but fun nonetheless. Communication (work) can be harrowing sometimes and may lead to quick burn out but the adrenaline rush is unbeatable!

My New year resolution?

To best myself and not get lost in fallacies



Sweet & Sour

It’s been long again, since my last post but I have a good news to share with you. I got placed via campus recruitment in Asia’s largest PR firm, called Adfactors PR. They are well known in the world of financial communication and are the biggest in the fraternity! To say I am happy would be an understatement because I am over the moon! 😀 And the best part, I get to work under, my professional role model, Mr. Samir Kapur, who is the Senior Vice President of the company and also an adjunct faculty at IIMC.

Life at IIMC is coming to a close with only 2 weeks remaining for the end of this course. To be brutally honest, I will not miss this place. At least not for the obvious reasons. This place has an over hyped reputation in the market. And it’s not misplaced, mind you. The hype, comes entirely from the full time and adjunct professors, who are some of the best minds in the country. The students on the other hand including the sod writing this piece are just sad ending of a miserable love story. The students are brilliant, talented but utterly dysfunctional when it comes to synchronicity or cohesive working to get a job done. There is a basic lack of discipline which resembles the culture of this city. Being dynamic doesn’t mean one has to be abusive or insensitive to others, but it is worn proudly as a batch to gel in this culture. Individuals expect too much from others than focusing on their own, actions and behaviors leading to dysfunctionality within working groups. It’s sad to imagine, the condition of their future married life if these traits were to continue. People are judged on their academic scores by their peers than their intellectual capability which in turn leads to alienation and formation of closed groups of friends which is a sad reality.

Is IIMC a place to be? Yes. Will it help my career? Definitely, Yes. Will I make lasting friendships over here? Probably not.  What’s the best part about IIMC? Teachers, Teachers, Teachers.

Ongoing Crisis

Its been long since my last post and i figured its about time, i shared some of my experiences since my arrival in Delhi.

Well for starters, my life has been a hot tangy gooey mess, since August. Emotional roller coaster rides one after the other has been suffocating to say the least. My spiritual practice has suffered due too in-decisions in my head (quite a few). I thought, studying in a country level institute would help me increase not only my intellectual ability but also allow me to contribute to the knowledge and experience pool  through discussions and debates. But its been disappointing so far. The students (major chunk from Delhi and Neighboring areas) have this schoolish attitude of of not sharing what they have read or even if they have, its hidden away, so that it will get them good grades?!

I mean, seriously?! Today’s world where we have access to information much more easily than public toilets in Delhi, mere reading up is not going to help increase your intellect capability in any way. You will just be left with large chunks of biased information of someone’s else mind roaming around in your head making you no more than a parrot. The only way one can gain intellect maturity, when one discusses the latest issues,  media theories, management  and marketing models, PR techniques with peers and the teachers. Then you not only add to your intellect a clear understanding of what you have read but also help in contributing to the knowledge pool.

The only good thing, that i have found studying here are some of lecturers who go beyond than just merely teaching us. They inspire and encourage despite your shortcomings and are willing to walk beside you to help you set you on your path to your desired goal. Such teachers are rare breed of intellectuals, who are difficult to come by in today’s world of materialism. I am happy to mention that Naren Singh, Amit Sengupta, Ramesh Tahiliani of IIMC are some of the finest teachers, that i have come across in my student life.

Right now we have end of semester exams going on and i ended up screwing up the very subject in which ii want to make a career in..Public Relations/Corporate Communication. If i just get passing grades, that would be good enough, that much how badly i screwed up the paper.. :/

Placement week will be held from 16th to 28th February. I hope i am able to bag a good paying job for my immediate survival, because money, food, and clothes are not given in charity and the ones that are given away, are too crap to be of any significant use.

Anyways i am babbling now; Until next post!


A Conversational Meeting

During our daily travels we come across many people but some leave their marks on us which changes our perception towards our life. It was one such day, today.

On my way way back home, i happened to board a wrong train which usually, doesn’t happen with me. And i came to know about it when i reached a station called Diara. 

I got down, and went and sat down on a bench intending to wait for the train for my journey back. There happened to sit an old man, who enquired about me and asked about my predicament. I told him about the train and he smiled and he said that it happens to the best of men, so don’t beat yourself with it. 

And we got talking.

The more we talked the more i became engrossed in his conversation. He shared his experiences with me and even i shared my feelings about some of the issues that had been troubling me recently, and the advices that he gave me made me feel so light within. Talking with him, and i felt as if i have known him forever. The stress of the whole week had just seeped out of me, by just talking and smiling with him.  

By the time, my train arrived, i was not ready to leave as i wanted to spend some more time with him. He confessed to me that its been ages since he enjoyed a conversation as much as he did today. Saying that, he wished me farewell and saw to that, i boarded the train. 

I had tears in my eyes for i knew in my heart that i will miss meeting him and having this delightful conversation again. He, with his simplicity has made a place in my heart where i shall cherish this Conversational Meeting forever.   


My experience with Knowledge Points 🙂

Every time I look out my window I see people fighting, bickering and losing their calm and sleep over mundane matters, matters which don’t hold any significance when one looks at life from bigger perspective. I’ve been so lucky to have gotten something so valuable that nothing in this world and beyond, can be compared to it. My beloved Master has given me the master key to Life in the form of Five Rocking Points!

All the mundane things we lose our sleep over are covered within those Five teeny tiny Points. When I first heard them in a YES+ course I thought I knew all of them, which isn’t a surprise because we have come across those points some time or the other in our life.  But, implementing them is a different ball game altogether.  When I started to implement those points, one by one, my life took a pleasant turn. Every time I came across a difficult or unwanted situation, I quickly applied the points and voila! The problem ceased to exist!  From boring and repetitive, life was transformed to being exciting and transcendental!

I will share one exciting experience of mine while applying these points. One day while getting ready to go to office, I decided to remain in the present moment every second of that day. Many Aol-ites will agree that it’s easier said than done. By the time I reached office, my mind had escaped my clutches numerous times but I did not lose hope. The whole day my mind and I played hide and seek with each other and let me tell you, it was the best hide and seek I have ever played. I was amazed at the way my mind functioned and could think a dozen thoughts simultaneously! It could also travel into the past, be in the present and delve into the future within a fraction of a second! Just a mere awareness of my mind had taught me so many things 🙂

One day my brother and I were driving down to the post office.  On our way back we were crossing a busy market, when an epiphany hit me out of no-where. I realised that we all are made up of the same God-particle or energy, but at the same time we have been gifted with minds, which act similarly in all of us, and yet the thoughts in each mind are unique as per the experience of the individual! It’s those very experiences which bring in us different feelings which affect our Karma. As my beloved Master puts it, Karma is everything and choice is also there. It’s like a really huge program where the option of choice is also built into it. The more I think about this line the more it makes me go WOW! Nature is impeccable to the last detail. There are so many choices an individual can make through their experiences they’ve had, and all of that is calculated and is there for us to choose, for EACH and Every one of us! Brilliant, isn’t it ? Even if I would want to flowchart my own life’s programme, it would take me an eternity to get it right to the last detail!

I am and will be eternally grateful to my childhood buddy, my best friend/brother- Vishal for bringing me on this Magical path, where possibilities are endless only if we are ready to give them a shot!

Day Off

Today i have taken the day off from office as sourav is down with fever. Vishal has already given him blessing, so i am not worried. I will be working from home(the MOST important day in my office life….WEDNESDAY!). I will be fixing appointments with clients for tommorw and the day after. I wanted to change the look of my blog, but thanks to the poor theme collection of wordpress, changing the header will have to do for now. The current header is of Hunafloi Bay, Iceland. I have also uploaded new wallpapers in the download section. They are of 1600 x 1200 resolution. Hope you like them!