Last Christmas…

When I heard that George Michael had passed away in his sleep, I felt so many different emotions.  I still remember the day when I had listened to Last Christmas for the first time..It was as if my heart spoke for the first time! It has been my comfort song for over two decades whenever I have fallen out of a relatownship. The lyrics is like a balm to my aching soul. The song sounds magical especially this time of the year. For people  like me who have had their heart broken on numerous occasions, this song means so much more..It describes my innermost  turmoil with Love and how I have come up empty handed in my all my past relationships.

As another year passes by, I sit by my window hoping the coming new year to make my heart whole fill me up with the sweet nectar of love and longing and never let it dry up ever again. I enjoy Christmas more than my birthday because Christmas to me is the day to celebrate love, and all its magnificent colours. I wish with my whole heart that I too find that someone whom I can love with all my heart and who won’t give it away for anything in the world..

Thank you George for your love! Rest in peace, dearest friend.