My Life!

The past week was very tiring both physically and mentally, but thanks to my regular practice of padmasadhna, meditation and kriya which has helped me immensely at office. I am so grateful to Guruji for for the valuable knowledge he has given me. I never understood the importance of sadhna until i joined office. The tools taught in the YES+ workshop are very practical, which not only helps in reducing stress but also in maintaining our inner peace and calm. ‘Life is beautiful’ , everyone says it but very few live it. Living this line in today’s world is only possible through Art Of Living! There’s so much to life than office, targets, salary… We fail to realise this because we are caught up in our small little mind and end up losing our inner peace over petty matters. Forget everything for a moment and look inside and you’ll find all the answers to your queries. We have forgotten that we are part of the divine and have the knowledge buried deep within ourselves. We only need to water it from time to time with sadhna, seva & satsang to help it grow. Then notice how your life changes for the better! If you are looking for that ‘perfect life’, go do the YES+ course and enjoy a life full of unlimited oppurtunities!